Jan Dobrovský

Founder of family office at bpd partners.

Jan grew up in a dissident family that found itself under pressure from the Communist establishment. He focused on samizdat literature and participated in the issue of the samizdat Lidové noviny newspaper. After 1989, he worked to change society as a journalist at Lidové noviny and subsequently in Czechoslovak and Czech Television. He is the author of literary texts, a publicist and photographer. He has been an advisor and creator of investment strategies for both domestic and foreign investors, later becoming an investor himself. He is a political man, whose main interest in life is human freedom and the unending fight for it.

The previous regime did not permit him to study his beloved zoology, and so he became at least a zootechnician. He has retained a love for horses that has accompanied him almost all his life. In recent years, he has also rediscovered his passion for documentary photography.

Jan Dobrovský is chairman of the Memory of Nations of the Post Bellum association. This works to bring together contemporary witnesses, whose fates Post Bellum is storing in its oral history archive, and also people who are actively helping to map out the often heroic fates of people who were prepared to make personal sacrifices to being about freedom and democracy.