Miroslav Tvrzník

Member of the Board of Directors
M&A and Renewable Energy Division Director

He is responsible for a wide range of areas at the company – from providing acquisition processes, through the management of existing chemistry assets, to the management of companies producing electricity from renewables. This multiplicity and diversity bring him new challenges that he is glad to accept. In his work he implements interesting projects that are unique in terms of their quality, and require some courage and a little luck for success. For Miroslav Tvrzník, family office represents an opportunity to be present, with his colleagues, at the birth and operation of many projects from the most varied fields of the business of bpd partners.

He commutes to work by bicycle if the weather allows. He has been known to check up on projects under his responsibility during his long weekend rides.

He is married and has three children.

  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
  • experience with the design, construction, operation and management of power equipment
  • served as Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade with responsibility for energy