Petr Pudil

Founder of family office at bpd partners.

Petr has previously headed a communications agency, was the strategic director at a mining company, managing director at Czech Coal a.s., and also president of the Euracoal association, the umbrella organisation for European coal extractors. He divides his time between work on new projects, his family and sport for relaxation.

He considers active relaxation through running, cycling or skiing as also a challenge. Intensive training also helps him extend the boundaries of his patience and endurance.

He derives both great joy and also great hope from his Kunsthalle project in Prague, through which he wants to build an exhibition institution to present both modern and contemporary art – a place offering open dialogue between the visitor and the art for everybody seeking an intellectual form of relaxation, education and inspiration. Petr Pudil considers that art offers a different approach to seeing the state of the society in which we live, and thus also inspires other human activities. In this, the role of culture is irreplaceable and so is more than worthy of our attention and support.

Petr Pudil is a member:
-  of the acquisition committees of the Tate and Centre Pompidou
-  of the supervisory board of the Post Bellum project and a donator