Vasil Bobela

Founder of family office at bpd partners.

Vasil has an MSc in economics and experience running a large company. He was previously financial director and managing director at Czech Coal a.s. He is a manager with a sober, conservative and realistic approach to project management. For Vasil Bobela, family office at bpd partners is a guarantee of the proper management of the funds owned by the partners. The long-term goal and concern of this responsible administrator is to maintain their value, invest in development, and the overall strategy of family office. He wants to put in place a tradition of managing family assets that passes down from generation to generation along with the responsibility for its integrity and sustainability.

In his youth, Vasil Bobela was an active sportsman. Today football, skiing and cycling are only recreational activities for him. The time he formerly spent training he now takes advantage of to travel to interesting destinations around the world. Mountains and nature, but also the monuments and cultures of both past and present civilisations are his target destinations, and he always returns with plans for another trip already in his head.

He supports non-profit projects with which he has a personal relationship and where he knows the beneficiaries of his gifts. Post Bellum is one of these.