EDN® FUMIGAS is a broad-spectrum fumigant that destroys nematodes, pathogens, and weeds and can be used in the treatment of both timber and soil. As an ozone-friendly alternative to methyl bromide, it offers superior penetration characteristics, equivalent efficacy, and shorter application time. Moreover, after completing its work as a fumigant, EDN® FUMIGAS rapidly decomposes into ammonia-based fertilisers that actually nourish the soil, leading to healthier and lusher crop yields.


BlueFume® is a fast-acting fumigant that ensures pests do not accompany imported goods. It can also be used for controlling pests in production facilities, storage areas, and ships. BlueFume® is effective in low doses and requires a relatively brief application time to achieve desired results, both of which, in turn, reduce overall user costs.


Glycinates and their derivatives are amino acids and are used in the production of pharmaceuticals, as well as food and feeds. Despite their considerable potential as feed additives, glycinates have tended to be too expensive for agricultural applications. We are trying to change this by reducing production costs.


Through AgriNation, we invest and actively support the innovations of farmers and food processing businesses who strive to tackle global food distribution challenges. For example, one of the projects is also to increase crop productivity with mycorrhizal fungi, which increases the extent of the root system, improving the reach of nutrients and water by up to 500%. This reduces the need for fertilization and irrigation.


We currently have several glycine and glycinate products manufactured and distributed by Draslovka Holding a.s. in the pilot and semi-industrial phases.