Research & Development

Our Purpose

bpd partners invests in startups and research and development (R&D) initiatives, in an effort to find solutions to global problems. The primary interest and focus is in agriculture, food production, and health care, as we believe some of the greatest challenges lie within these areas.

Food Production and Distribution

According to various sources, the world population’s food consumption is expected to increase by between 71% and 110% by 2050, with an additional 2.3 billion persons. If this estimate proves accurate, under current practices, an additional 1.5 billion hectares of arable land will be required to meet the demand.

In total, this would represent about 3 billion hectares—roughly the size of North and South America combined—devoted to agricultural use. As it stands, there is simply not enough suitable land available, which means fundamental changes to the way we produce and distribute our food will have to be made, if we are to accommodate this population increase.

Investment Areas

We are looking to invest in projects that will help us find a way to feed the world—without destroying the environment. Specifically, we are interested in innovation and advancement in the following:

  • Agricultural and aquaculture methods
  • Food and feed production
  • Streamlining supply chains
  • Waste reduction

Projects in the Pipeline


Health Care


The projected increase in global population is expected to put immense pressure on health care service providers, in both the developed and developing world. There is a critical need to reduce healthcare costs whilst still providing people with quality services. This will require innovations in practices & methods and a healthy dose of fresh perspective when approaching new issues.

Investment Areas

We are looking to invest in projects dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and/or treatment of disease, with a focus on innovation in the following areas:

  • Innovative ways of diagnosing illnesses and disorders at very early stage
  • Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles
  • Innovative ways of delivering APIs
  • New methods of treatments APIs and/or Medical Devices

Projects in the Pipeline