BPD partners issues Sustainability Report

08/13/2023 -

BPD partners publishes its first ever Sustainability Report.  The report covers the footprint that the Group's rapid growth is leaving on society, the environment and the quality of life of people on the planet. 
Sustainability is one of BPD partners' top priorities. The projects we invest in combine efforts to use modern technologies, original approaches to technological and production processes with the use of science and a scientific approach. We are committed to the principle of long-term sustainability and to supporting the creative forces in the Group's companies to guarantee a sustainable future. 
The BPD Partners Group Sustainability Report reflects the situation in 2022 and we have taken inspiration from the current GRI standards in its preparation. It is the beginning of a process of data and information collection to document our approach to a sustainable future within the group. 
You can read the BPD partners sustainability report here.

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