BPD partners comprises a well-oiled team of people that are respected for their professionalism and expert knowledge. At the same time, they are an integral part of a specific family office atmosphere. By integrating these qualities, it can execute the most complicated projects and this has an effect on the company’s everyday operations.

Employee photo Yveta Holečková

Yveta Holečková

CEO and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Working as the CEO at BDP partners gives Yveta room to make use of the best that the family office can provide – structure and humanity. She has an overview of everything that happens in the group and has become a key point where project information is gathered together in the dynamically growing world of the BPD partners group...

Employee photo Pavel Brůžek

Pavel Brůžek

CEO Draslovka Holding and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pavel Brůžek is the personification of the term “family office”. Continuing his father's successful business career, he plays the role of active investor, manager of the family's property and BPD group's assets...

Employee photo Martin Houda

Martin Houda

Financial Division Director and Member of the Board of Directors

Management and financial administration at bpd partners means that Martin Houda cannot fall into a routine. New impulses come across his desk every day. Ensuring the smooth running of all the group's financial processes requires quite a bit of creativity...

Employee photo Michal Drmola

Michal Drmola

Real Estate Division Director

At bpd partners he manages the development of hotel, residential and office buildings. In terms of management he attempts to find a balance between the economic performance of an asset, its optimum use, administration throughout its life-cycle and support for users' needs...

Employee photo Miroslav Tvrzník

Miroslav Tvrzník

Renewable Energy Division Director

At the company he is responsible for a wide spectrum of topics – from the preparation of new acquisitions to the handling of current assets and the management of companies producing electricity from renewable sources. The variety and multi-faceted nature of his work constantly provides him with new challenges that have to be accepted...