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BPD partners group actively looks for start-ups with promising science and technology backgrounds. The priority is projects that provide new challenges related to healthy economic growth and that are in accordance with internationally recognised social responsibility and sustainability standards. Long-term investments in biotechnology and chemistry, including investments in primary research into renewable energy sources, are a stable part of the portfolio and the same applies to the development of environmentally-friendly office complexes and residential properties.

The BPD partners family office invests primarily in the development of sustainable chemistry, the development of renewable energy sources, science and research in biotechnology and the development of smart buildings. The aim is to develop activities and products that have a clear sense and meaning for human society and meet the long-term strategic plans of BPD partners’ founders.


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Companies in BPD partners group

BPD partners group is active in several fields. Investments in development are a long-term commitment by the group to expand the sustainable technologies and innovative approaches of modern production on a scientific basis, make use of renewable energy resources and responsibly invest in real estate development.

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logo Draslovka


A leading global producer of environmentally-friendly new-generation agricultural chemicals, fumigants and biocides, products for mining rare metals and other environmentally-neutral products.

logo Life Science

Life Science

BPD partners, together with B3 Holding, invests in promising projects in research, biotechnology and sophisticated medical equipment making use of the connection between diagnostics, technology and data analysis in medicine.

logo BPD development

Real Estate

The company builds office buildings, operates and manages a portfolio of properties and builds new residential projects.

logo REN Power

Energy Industry

REN Power operates several companies producing electricity from renewable sources in the Czech Republic and other European countries.

logo My Clinic


A family clinic that focuses on the prevention of diseases, timely diagnosis and professional healthcare.

logo DIANA Biotechnologies

Life Science

DIANA Biotechnologies is developing a very precise and sensitive method that enables the determination of the quantity of enzymes and their proteins in solutions. Thanks to this, it is possible to diagnose various infectious diseases at a very early stage.

logo Sampling Human

Life Science

Sampling Human is developing diagnostic methods for serious diseases. With the help of synthetic biology, it genetically converts microorganisms, for example yeast cells, which are then able to discover and analyse cellular changes showing the onset of an autoimmune or tumorous disease.

logo Scase

Life Science

Scase works on the development of portable diagnostic equipment usable in telemedicine. The developed equipment combines measurement of a patient's vital functions through several sensors with remote communication between a doctor and patient.

logo Powerful Medical

Life Science

Powerful Medical digitises and evaluates ECG recordings. The PMcardio device uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to compare ECG recordings with millions of other cases and based on this it can help determine the diagnosis and recommend treatment. It therefore helps rapidly and precisely recognise cardiovascular disease.

logo Nanuntio

Life Science

Nanuntio focuses on research, development, registration and production of nano-fibre materials and bio-materials for use in medicine and cosmetics. The main aim is the production of non-stick wound dressings for professional uses, that, thanks to their properties, can be enhanced by additional active substances.

logo Q2 Pharma

Life Science

Q2 Pharma focuses on research into medicines against "superbacteria" resistant to available antibiotics. Whereas antibiotics kill bacteria, the newly-developed F19 substance, as an anti-viral, prevents the release of bacterial toxin, enabling the immune system to more effectively perform its work and deal with an infection.

Výzkumný tým Zuzany Kečkéšové

Life Science

Dr. Zuzana Kečkéšová is involved in the discovery of new tumour-suppressors. One of the substances is, for example, LACTB, a protein that, in certain circumstances, kills carcinogenic cells. She built her discovery on the investigation of human organs and tissue that are not attacked by cancer – they are the muscles, including the heart muscle, spleen and cartilage. Cancer does not arise in these organs and does not spread to them from elsewhere.

Czech Stool Bank

Life Science

A stool donor bank in the Czech Republic for the treatment of selected diseases, primarily repeated inflammation of the large intestine after the application of antibiotics (Clostridioides difficile infection). The donor bank will ensure a safe source of donor stool for treatment transfers, the examination of donors, the transfer of donor microbiota to healthcare facilities and will broker feedback about the effect of treatment. In the future, stool donorship could help treat patients with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, bowel dysbiosis and also possibly other diseases.

logo Scipher Medicine

Life Science

Scipher Medicine focuses on the development of a method that will be able, based on a simple test, to ascertain whether and how patients' molecular profiles will respond to certain drugs. This method can, thanks to the link-up between blood diagnostics and bio-information, predict the effectiveness of treatment for specific patients with a high degree of precision.

logo Ginkgo Bioworks

Life Science

Ginkgo Bioworks is involved in the genetic modification of organisms and research into the development of enzymes that are the main catalysers of the chemical reactions and that determine their nature and speed. After finding the correct enzymes and combining them, Ginkgo genetically modifies yeast cells, which can produce almost anything – from the aroma of roses to peach oil. The technology can be used in the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries.

logo Finch Therapeutics

Life Science

Finch Therapeutics researches wide-spectrum microorganisms for the purpose of treating ordinary or unspecified bowel inflammations (IBD). Intestinal diseases are some of the most widespread and 60% of patients treated with antibiotics are resistant. Compared to this, treatment with wide-spectrum microorganisms has an 88% success rate. Finch Therapeutics is developing a new group of perorally-administered biological drugs with the potential to renew the functionality of the intestinal microbiome and deal with states caused by its disturbance.

logo Pendulum Therapeutics

Life Science

Pendulum is involved in the development of new treatment methods focused on the human microbiome that will improve the lives of patients suffering from various diseases. Its products using natural bacterial phylum help renew the balance of the microbiome, which improves a person's health. Health is related to a comprehensive ecosystem of microorganisms that comprise a microbiome, and the resolution of an imbalance in the microbiome could change the quality of a person's life.

logo Eagle Genomics

Life Science

Eagle Genomics applies network science to biology. It reveals the influence of the microbiome on people, animals and the environment to ensure a sustainable future. Eagle Genomics provides basic tools for analysis, research and use of comprehensive data about the microbiome.

logo GroundWork

Life Science

Groundwork BioAg® produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture. They positively influence mycorrhiza, the symbiotic coexistence of fungi and the roots of land plants (Embryophyte). Its environmentally-friendly products improve plant yields, increase their resistance to external influences and reduce the demands for fertilisers.

logo Hexagon Bio

Life Science

Hexagon Bio is a bio-pharmaceutical company that develops targeted therapy using small molecules. It combines data science, genomics, synthetic biology, chemistry and automation to discover effective, evolution-perfected small molecules and their related aims directly from DNA sequences. It draws inspiration from fungi genomes for a new generation of targeted therapies for hitherto difficult to treat illnesses.

logo IPSX The Property Stock Exchange

Life Science

IPSX is a platform used for looking for interesting business opportunities in commercial properties.

logo Lavanda

Life Science

Lavanda is an award-winning new-generation SaaS platform that supports the convergence of residential properties, hotel and restaurant services and travelling.

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“From my youth I was fascinated by nature and, as an enthusiastic natural scientist I was often at the Young Natural Scientists Station. I remember the pain and the joy that we experienced when breeding fish and parrots. I’m all the happier when I see how similar young enthusiasts become scientists and recognised professionals. It is good that we can use our support to help many of them to implement their scientific dreams and to bring the results of research and experiments to everyday life. In this way, we can invest the money earned in business well again in science and be, for example, part of the process of improvements in the life of people through more available and better-quality healthcare or diagnostics. I would like to wish everybody the joy of success that scientists experience in the projects we support and in primary research.”

Jan Dobrovský

 - Jan Dobrovský