Michal Drmola

Real Estate Division Director

Employee photo Michal Drmola

At bpd partners he manages the development of hotel, residential and office buildings. In terms of management he attempts to find a balance between the economic performance of an asset, its optimum use, administration throughout its life-cycle and support for users' needs. He sees the dominant trends on the real estate market critically, as there is a lack of a holistic approach - whether it concerns the architecture for a project, the quality of its residential environment in relation to natural human needs or the absence of a sensitive urban planning and environmentally-friendly approach. He sees integrated facility management as one of the possible remedial strategies thanks to which some ignored values could become the subject of systemic, society-wide attention.

When dealing with his everyday work problems Michal Drmola enjoys effective support from the partners and colleagues at bpd partners, which he sees as a very positive characteristic of a family office. He likes to be active in his leisure time – he supplements recreational sport by reading educational literature and novels.