Petr Pudil

Founder of bpd partners family office.

In the past he managed a communications agency, was the director for strategy at a mining company, the CEO of Czech Coal a.s. and president of the Euracoal association, which groups European coal miners together. He divides his time between working on new projects, which he enjoys starting up, sport, during which he relaxes, and his family, which he certainly does not neglect.

He relaxes while running, riding his bike and skiing, which is also a challenge for him. Intensive training helps him shift the boundaries of his patience and endurance.

He has contributed a lot of joy and hope to the Kunsthalle project in Prague, which he intends to build into a top-class institution for the presentation of modern and contemporary art. A place that offers an open dialogue between a visitor and art for all that are looking for an intelligent form of relaxation, education and inspiration. According to him, art offers a different viewpoint on the state of the society in which we live and thereby inspires other human activities. In this regard the role of culture is quite essential and therefore deserves attention and support.

Petr Pudil is a member of:
- TATE and Centre Pompidou acquisition commissions
- the supervisory board of the Post Bellum association and a donor