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BPD partners is a Czech family office managing its founders’ family assets. The company’s aim is to achieve its long-term strategic goals, which are economically meaningful, bring a benefit to their environment and help keep the world in balance. BPD partners group therefore invests primarily in the development of sustainable chemistry, green energy, science and smart buildings, with the aim of developing activities and products that clearly make sense and are important for human society.

Our Activities

Companies in BPD partners group

The BPD partners group comprises dozens of companies in chemical industry, biotechnology, renewable energy sources, building development and property portfolio management. The family office also holds investments in a number of companies and projects primarily in the fields of health care, natural sciences and primary research.

People at BPD partners

The family office established by Vasil Bobela, Petr Pudil and Jan Dobrovský is an effectively functioning team of people that provides experts and leaders in various fields with the opportunity to excel. The environment defined by the family firm helps teams be successful when implementing the company’s projects and creates a strong link between people at a workplace.

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