BPD Partners group invests in promising opportunities that are driven by the development of modern technologies and support for a sustainable future. The founders prioritize the use of science and society's creative spirit to achieve long-term investments that are primarily based on innovative ideas with global impact and the ability to achieve international success.


BPD partners sees it as a priority to transfer the results of research and scientific discoveries into ordinary life. Implementation then means, for example, effectively functioning production processes in Draslovka or successfully realised scientific projects at the diagnostic companies Diana Biotechnologies and Sampling Human. BPD partners uses a similar approach in development, during the construction of new buildings and the management of finished ones, as well as in the operation of renewable energy sources.


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“We carefully select the projects we support. The priority is not only the highest and fastest return. We are interested in long-term use, sustainability and, last but not least, the benefit to society. We put the money we earn back into the company’s development and provide space for those whose ideas bring progress to our life and attract our attention through their usefulness. We want to be among the most successful innovative solutions in ordinary life and also a partner for new scientific discoveries and knowledge. That’s why we don’t shun support for science and primary research.”

Petr Pudil

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The sustainability of the group’s activities is one of the main priorities for BPD partners. The projects the company invests in are linked by attempts to use modern technology, original approaches to dealing with technological and production processes using science and the scientific approach. The principle of longtermism and support for creativity is a guarantee of the whole planet’s future sustainability.

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