Vasil Bobela

Founder of bpd partners family office.

He has a master's degree in economics and experience of managing a large company, formerly working as the chief financial officer and chief executive officer of Czech Coal a.s. He is a manager with a sober, conservative and realistic approach to project management. The bpd partners family office is a guarantee for Vasil Bobela of quality management of the assets that the partners own and control. Maintenance of its value, investments in development and the overall strategy of the family office are a long-term aim and concern of a responsible manager. The tradition of managing family assets that are transferred from one generation to the next with responsibility for their integrity and sustainability is the aim he would like to achieve.

In his youth he was active in sports and today he plays football, skis and rides his bike for fun. The time he used to spend training can now be used for travelling to interesting places around the world. Mountains, the countryside, as well as monuments and the culture of past and contemporary civilisations, these are the goals of his trips from which he returns with a plan for his next journey.

He supports non-profit projects with which he has a personal relationship and where he knows the beneficiaries of his donations. Post Bellum is one of them.