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BPD partners is a self-confident family office justifiably proud of its roots that cares for its environment and, over the long term, supports civil society projects that contribute to the development of life in the Czech Republic.
The philosophy of BPD partners honours the freedom of spirit and assumes care for maintenance and development of a free society is one of its main aims. This corresponds to the spectrum of socially-responsible and beneficial activities conducted with humility and gratitude for life in democracy and the community of creative people. Support for high-quality projects is therefore a guarantee of the maintenance of a long-term and sustainable future for the country based on getting to know our past, looking for new paths for the perception of art and the necessary education, which the founders of BPD partners perceive as a key route leading to the achieving of a vision of a sustainable planet.

“I am personally pleased that we have managed to be an active part of civil life in society and help where it makes sense. Not only because of the environment in which we live and do business, but also because of the future that we are preparing jointly for our children. The family office therefore helps us when looking for the stories of those that remember Czech history together with the Memory of Nations, we try to bring art closer to all in the Kunsthalle and we are part of documenting the present using photographs in the 400 ASA gallery. We often and gladly help where we feel a lack of support from public funds, whether it concerns science, culture or education.”

Vasil Bobela

 - Vasil Bobela