Vasil Bobela, Jan Dobrovský and Petr Pudil jointly established the family office in 2011 and its aim is to manage their funds and the assets they own in companies and investment interests. The first project was the development of alternative energy sources through REN Power, which they supplemented with investments in several development projects by bpd development. The success enabled support for the first start-up biotechnology companies, the number of which continued to grow. The breakthrough was the purchase of an interest in Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín, which enabled the partners to expand the group globally, including the acquisition of companies in the USA, Australia and Africa.

The founders supplement each other well given their interests and life profiles, which is a guarantee of healthy and stable development of the family office, whose main mission is to manage family assets being transferred from one generation to the next. The strategic decisions and vision of BPD partners are always their joint decision.

The founders of BPD partners pay great attention to projects helping enrich the life of civic society in the country. The group’s philanthropy started with smaller projects related primarily to education or support for primary research and continued in partnership with the non-profit organisation Post Bellum and its ambitious Memory of Nations project. The Kunsthalle museum gallery and partnership with the 400 ASA photographic association and its gallery are an independent part of the philanthropic activities. The partners are also active in the management of the GLOBSEC think tank, a platform for dialogue in the area of the Central and Eastern European.

Employee photo Vasil Bobela

Vasil Bobela

Founder of bpd partners family office.

He held a number of positions at the Czech Coal group, from ordinary posts to the executive management, ending up as one of the group's co-owners. He is a manager with a sober, conservative and realistic approach to project management. Formerly an active sportsman, today he only does recreational sport. He travels frequently and with pleasure; when getting to know the world he looks for inspiration for the further development of the BPD partners family office.

Employee photo Petr Pudil

Petr Pudil

Founder of bpd partners family office.

He started his professional career in the communications business, later becoming a manager and owner of the Czech Coal group. He was active in international structures of the European mining industry association EURACOAL and in 2008-2011 was its president. He and his wife devote some of their efforts towards supporting modern art and they jointly helped establish Prague's Kunsthalle gallery. He is a member of acquisition commissions at the TATE Gallery in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Employee photo Jan Dobrovský

Jan Dobrovský

Founder of bpd partners family office.

Former reporter, dissident, deputy editor of Czech Television news, advisor to a number of companies, manager of Karel Schwarzenberg's assets, photographer, enthusiastic natural scientist and face of the Memory of Nations podcast - he has held all these roles in his life. His family history and coming of age in totalitarianism helped shape his view of the world and perception of political events in modern Czech history. His priceless experience and the realism that comes from it are the basis for the success of his work at the BPD partners family office.